The Story Behind

Yenpe's brand story is woven with HaleyJane’s personal journey, making it more than just a business but a testament to resilience, cultural heritage, and the harmonious relationship between humans and the natural world.

Elevate your wellness journey by valuing holistic health and a joy of living fully with carefully curated products rooted in a deep respect for Nature and

About Us

Once upon a time in the heart of Australia HaleyJane arrived into this world. A proud indigenous Australian naturally and deeply connected to earth,
her journey with holistic healing began when her beloved faced a challenging
battle with throat cancer, and simultaneously, a motorbike accident. Watching her loved one's resilience and strength being tested together with desperation and 'I'll try anything’ mindset she turned to the healing power of nature’s supportive adaptogens and nutrient-rich foods to aid in her beloved's

Inspired by this positive and transformative experience, HaleyJane founded Yenpe (meaning ‘skin), dedicated to providing access to high-quality, predominantly natural supplements and custom skincare products.

"Cheers to the natural wonders of our world"